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Canute narrowed his eyes and raised his hand. There were strange movements at the end of the urban warfare battle grounds. They were not second years. They were definitely not drill instructors neither.


Han had never thought that far. The squad leader must have the confidence of his squad members. Han had shaken the confidence of the squad as a whole.


Most importantly, one of his squad members was a new third year youth. Protecting Han was amongst one of his most important tasks assigned to him on top of this mission.


If there were werewolves, it would have made infiltration very difficult. All the werewolves were destroyed the night the second years were rescued. There were no Elu hunters around which could be for the same reason.


'Even without Canute, as long as I can recruit many members in my squad, our battle tactics will become dynamic. It will be good to recruit as many people as I can.'


"Of course. Do you think I would fight on equal grounds against a mere child? The rules are simple. If you make me kneel or fall on my butt, it will be your win."

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"Don't feel too disappointed in yourself. You managed to crack one of Sergeant Red's ribs after all. Plus, you're still young. Red's a veteran who has been through all sorts of hardships."


The werewolf howled in pain. The werewolf, that had been unruly, stopped upon slamming into the barricade. Obstacles continued to block the werewolf's path.


A few children clamored. Han had been one of the last few children to succeed. There had been many who had already given up trying to manifest their powers.


With this, it would be possible to throw just as far while using minimal psychic power. This was one of the few unique skills he created.


Squad 13 looked excited. The other squads held similar expressions of enthusiasm for visiting the dimensional crack. It felt like they were off on a field trip. Han also felt that this day would feel like a much needed day off. After Han finished his meal and shower, he went to Jose's room.


Han shouted. Canute climbed onto the werewolf's back and stabbed his knife onto its neck. The knife dug deep into the centre neck and glided out through to the side in one clean motion. A fountain of blood sprinkled out like a fountain from the wolf's half chopped head.


Han mumbled. He had only seen the dimensional crack from photos and video clips. It leaked vibrant colours of the rainbow. The light leaked into the deep canyon crevasses of the land.



Though this had started from a personal grudge, Han had greatly contributed for their victory. Everyone knew they could only win because Han was able to endure for them.



If they fail to make passing scores on the personality and mental tests, they would be sent to the rehabilitation center to restore their mental health. This whole process would be completed without the student's knowledge, of course.


He thought of many tactics, such as ambushing the other team from on top of a tree, or setting up a camouflage to ambush them.


The old man suddenly burst into a fit of anger toward Sergeant Red. Sergeant Red took out another cigar to smoke while confronting the old man.

  • They had already discovered two death traps. The enemy laid an invisible thread at the level of their knee, if they were to trip it, a grenade pin would be pulled. The slightest mistake would mean the end of the whole squad.
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