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"These are the standard dragon slaying weapons used. Give them a hold and see which feels best. They each have serial numbers on them, so you must be sure to return them after you're done."


"It wouldn't be an overstatement to consider him a B rank due to the amount of telekinetic control he has. He just barely makes the minimum required rank to pilot psychoframes. At the same time, he has not awakened any unique psychic skills yet."


First fighting is required when your home is in the streets. Time to time, he had to face against adults as well. He already mastered recognizing all the vital points and using any cowardly means to his advantage.


The mental image that had been ambiguous and all over the place began focusing into the hole of his chest. His psychic energy that had been vaguely out of reach now had become easier to feel on a physical level.


"The Northeastern Asian Alliance was alerted, however Japan helped to mediate the situation and China surrendered themselves. So, everything was quietly concluded. China had lost their voting power in the future committee meetings. Of course they cannot stop their sponsorship either. That's unless they want to be bullied by everyone in the world." Schwartz who was suited in a military uniform said to Han.


They've even blocked out communication from the outside. Herald shook his head. Schwartz calmly took out a flashlight and looked at their map once again.

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"This should be your first time seeing this? This is Silence's exclusive helmet. As you already know, he's unable to speak. A simple macro has been installed into his data bracelet so that he can easily communicate and convey his emotions to others. It's like the robot face displays from movies, isn't it?"


Seeing his younger siblings looking healthy eased his heart. They were not blood related, but they were equally important to him.


Simon loaded his R-2. He aimed for the Elu mage's head, but the bullet was blocked by the psychic shield that they had put up.


Han left Canute to survey the Inspector. Kuro was not competent enough to look after the inspector.


The soldier who launched the grenade, ended up receiving all the damage. His left arm and lower body was burned black. He took a few painful breaths before he closed his eyes.


"The first generation model was made in haste so it's low grade. Each nation has their own model as well. The second generation psychoframe doesn't even compare with that one. This gear has been prepared for only the best. The outer shell is made of dragon bone and leather, while the gloves are made of highly elastic alloy. This gear has been made especially for you. I'm barely able to move this myself."


Han locked himself in his room and began to write something onto a piece of paper. He had noted the names of several people and below each name was jam packed with detailed notes.



"Han Lee has great leadership. Kuro was able to fully utilize his psychic powers with Han's leadership. This is a very amazing feat."



"I must make an important decision at the moment." Alexander said while observing Han. Han remained quiet and waited for his words. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Simon was about to burst into tears. It wasn't because he was scared but because he felt wronged. Even so, he suppressed his feelings. If he cried in front of all the other kids, he would be nothing but a huge disgrace.


Octo snapped his overalls and strutted past. He had all sorts of tools and cheap snacks hanging on his belt.

  • Han had no thoughts to carry out today's battle with a lack luster lazy battle plan. They're trying to make me fail so that I lose my confidence and get myself stuck into a slump.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.
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