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Canute continued forward. The air vent shook more noticeably as he crawled forward. The soldiers all peered over to the shaking air vent.


"Well, anyway. Where did we stop? Canute likes cola, Jose likes ice cream right? Hmm, this is an important matter. What does our squad leader Han like?"


Kijo dashed into the plane that looked to be on the brink of another explosion. Inside, there were many corpses that maintained their seatbelts. The smell of blood pinched his nose. Kijo pushed back the vomit that was trying to make its way up again.


The artificial island, Ark, moves incredibly slowly and its location constantly changes. Without the central headquarter's lead, it would be near impossible to find Ark in the vast Pacific Ocean. It took an astronomical amount of money to build and there were many places which students were forbidden from entering.


Kuro's parachute lines were tangled into the tree branches. He didn't have enough strength to get himself out of this situation.


"Starting your second year, everyone begins drug rehabilitation. It's probably the students who do not fully mature that cannot physically handle the harsh training drills."

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All he had to pack was his writing utensils, notebook, and photo. Everything else would be provided for him in the new dorms.


"Kuro, you don't need to bother shooting. Just focus on this. Jose, let's start."


Silence let his anger rise. This operation would have been easy as pie. If their undercover operation succeeded, the Elus wouldn't have been able to put up resistance at all.


"At any moment, you could possibly die or break a leg. If your neck becomes tangled while this drill, we have no method to save you. Become well acquainted with the method and make sure to practice repeatedly to train your muscle memory. We will be take off at 1630.


They would be able to supplement for the shortage of first years, but they couldn't afford to lose additional second years for the Ark Project to continue.


The second years of Ark were in a lull. Their training and lectures were put on hold. Han returned to his dorms to lay down in bed. Everyone had shut themselves in their own rooms.


Han struck the end of his spear into the ground and moved. He landed on his opponents back. He moved as fast and as light as a flying squirrel.



"It seems you've forgotten, but today's battle is capture the flag. I don't have a reason to beat you today. I'll win as long as I don't lose against you."



Han couldn't stop shaking seeing the vendor's body shredded to pieces. The red fruit he held, seemed bloody. Even so, he shared the fruit with his younger siblings. The bloody fruit tasted delicious.


Han's narrow eyes widened. There was a familiar face among the new transfers. Other than Jose, there were a few of his old friends from class B.


"If I convinced you with idealistic words to follow me…, then you'll probably force yourself to get transferred into the third year. You won't be able to endure the third year with that kind of resolve. You'll get broken into pieces. Do you remember Kato? The squad leader who attempted suicide. When I went to visit him, he looked at me with the exact same kind of eyes as you."

  • "Wh, what? What happened? The airbeat exploded!"
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